Dear visitor,

The car museum at Halinga in Estonia was founded with the intention to give a small overview of the Estonian automobile history as a part of the world car history.

The car as such has existed in the planet Earth's general history for a very short period of time – for just about 100 years. But for human life the time passed has been a very long one – already several generations of people have had the contact with cars. We all have throughout our lives collected memories about the cars we used to drive with our parents when we were children or youngsters or the cars our grandparents used to drive.

The development of nowadays world and technology has been with great and fast changes. Many dear and familiar car brands have had to vanish into the automotive history due to political changes in the world, others have been lost in the technological race for victory in the automotive industry. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union a very large automobile industry with its interesting models has also become history. Many famous car manufacturers in the United States and in Great Britain have also had to give up their fight on the automobile market.

In the Car museum at Halinga the emphasis has been put on the cars manufactured in the Soviet Union and therefore the museum is one of the largest in this field in the European Union. Its exhibition also contains many interesting models from other parts of the world. The exhibition will be complemented constantly with several new exciting models under restauration waiting to be added to the museum's collection.

The Car museum at Halingal is suitable for car enthusiasts of any age. The museum gives an opportunity to see the old cars in the way their first owners saw them long time ago.

You're welcome to the Car museum!

Peeter Kalli
Founder of the museum